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Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering

  1. We perform in-depth Aircraft inspection on Airframe, Engines, APU and accessories.
  2. Review of Complete Aircraft & Engin /APU technical records and identify discrepancies, which require rectification to allow the aircraft to be eligible for standard US "C of A"; and/or US "Export C of A".
  3. Aircraft Ground functional checks are performed to Delivery or Acceptance conditions.
  4. Aircraft Engine MPA - Power Assurance runs are performed.
  5. Aircraft Test Flight observation is performed to ensure that the aircraft conforms to Manufacturer Test Flight Profile standards or Customer Test Flight profile.
  6. We can implement Aircraft lease or purchase/Sale agreement conditions during Aircraft acceptance or Delivery process to maximize gain for our customer.
  7. Quality Surveillance and economic control of Heavy Maintenance, Modifications is provided world wide.
  8. Follow up and Quality Surveillance to ensure that the identified discrepancies whether in technical records and/or aircraft & its Engines/APU or accessories are corrected to Airworthiness and manufacturer standards.
  9. Maintenance program analysis / bridging or Maintenance Program development services.
  10. Daily communication is maintained with Customer to provide an up-to-date information of the progressive status.
  11. Aircraft photo & Video log to identify exact condition of aircraft from technical and cosmetic perspective. See Globalaviationconsulting.com/Global Gallery.
  12. Scanning and organizing of critical technical records in a systematic manner so that the records are easily accessible and searchable. Archiving of digital records on line.
  13. Engine & APU Borescope Services.
  14. FAA D.A.R Services.

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