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Electronic Content Management (ECM) Solution


Global Avaition 1 offers Electronic Content Management (ECM) Solution. Most of the Aviation data is in paper format. During the aircraft sale or lease transfer or acquisitions, it is advantageous to scan, archive at least the critical records. This also assists in online review of the records by prospective buyers or Lessees.

We can provide services for scanning the hard copy records, name them accurately to assist in search of the documents and import it to a dedicated account just for your company. We use Xerox scanners with Kofax VRS software to scan for clear, crisp documents. Each page is checked after scanning for clarity and any de skew. If needed the document is re scanned. We understand the importance of the documentation retention and the mandatory documentation requirements per FAR Pt. 121.380 and FAR Pt. 91.417 as well as other regulatory authority requirements.

Some features are:

  1. Secure access.
  2. Upload and organize documents on your account. Drag and drop documents with an internet connection and a standard browser.
  3. Easily find your documents by organizing them into folders. Drag and drop your documents into as many folders as you want.
  4. Download files or Email files from control panel.
  5. Distribute information to your employees.
  6. Access from anywhere as long as you have a browser with a fair speed internet.

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