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Aircraft Technical Evaluation
& Certification

Global Aviation specializes in Aircraft Inspection, technical evaluation and Certification of aircraft for issuance of a "US C of A" and/or "US Export C of A", "Special Flight permits", as well as manage, coordinate Aircraft Heavy Maintenance/Modification's, Freighter conversion Projects.



Are you planning to lease or buy an aircraft?

Are you planning to deliver an aircraft to its Lessee or its

Do you require expert assistance for managing technical &
economic aspect of Aircraft Heavy Maintenance or major
modifications?  Would you like to benefit from Quality
Surveillance to ensure that the aircraft has been worked to
Airworthiness standards.

Have you had your leased aircraft recently inspected and are
they being maintained to the required standards, as well as
the contractual agreement? Do you require asset managing
of such aircraft?

Do you require professional FAA D.A.R services?

Do you need Professional Engine and & APU borescope

Do you require Aging Aircraft inspection and records review
as mandated by 14CFR Pt 121.1105 and AC 120.84?

Do you need assistance in LOV extensions as mandated by
14 CFR Pt 121.1115, Pt 26.21, Pt 26.23 in development of
ALS, WFD maintenance program and submission of Structural
data package?


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